iPhoneModem 2.2

iPhoneModem is a desktop application for an iPhone 3G modem
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iPhoneModem is a desktop application for an iPhone 3G modem. Using both this an its iPhone counterpart, you will be able to share your iPhone's 3G connection with your laptop. Thus, you can have internet access anywhere your iPhone does. The desktop application is available for both Windows and Mac OS X, and both share the same functionality. However, the Mac OS X version seems to do a better job of creating Wi-fi ad-hoc networks than Windows. That is the way this application does its magic. The desktop application (helper) creates a ad-hoc network. You, then, have to connect the iPhone to that network and hit "Connect" on both the desktop app and the iPhone app. If you are lucky, then you are ready to start browsing the Internet. iPhoneModem will re-route HTTP, FTP and SSH requests directly to your computer. Remember, though, that if your phone does not have a good signal or the signal isn't 3G, your computer will not be able to download much (or any) content. And if it is able to download and you see traffic flowing, it might be painfully slow. However, having this is a total savior when you just NEED to get online and you can't seem to find an open hotspot.

José Fernández
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  • Easy-to-use


  • Firefox seems to not be very responsive when using this
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